What are the advantages of commercial vs. residential investing?

What are the advantages of commercial vs. residential investing?

Join Lawrence Mak and Cameron Forbes as we discuss the advantages of commercial investing over residential investing.

0:00 Introduction
Lawrence Mak, Broker | RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc.
Cameron Forbes, MBA, CPA, Broker, General Manager | RE/Max Realtron Realty Inc.
0:40 What’s the Difference between Commercial and Residential properties?
0:52 “Residential” is where you are going to live
0:57 “Commercial” is for commercial enterprise
1:12 There is some intersection, for instance, with apartment buildings and leasing
1:34 Residential is typically based on comparables or “comps”
1:44 Commercial uses more of an income-approach to valuation
2:00 Is it better to invest in Residential or Commercial?
2:15 Firstly, we recommend having a residential home
2:25 And it’s tax free!
2:45 Most common is starting with a condo or a bungalow
3:05 A business might consider buying or leasing for their business
3:25 What’s the difference between the types of tenants?
3:35 Governmed by the Residential Tenancies Act
4:20 Commercial is just a legal relationship
4:27 Anything can go!
4:36 Much more complicated, should definitely use an expert
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