How is commercial real estate (May 21, 2020)

Join Lawrence Mak and Richard Goldhar as we discuss the landscape of commercial real estate near May 2020.

Learn about how an insolvency trustee does, how it differs from a bankruptcy lawyer and what the process is if you are in trouble.

1:05 Tell us about Goldhar and Associates
2:10 What does an insolvency trustee do instead of a bankruptcy lawyer?
3:10 Which side of the transaction hires your company?
3:45 If a small business owner is having issues, what is their next step?
4:50 Does every restaurant owner go bankrupt?
5:05 What might cause somebody to lose their liquor license?
5:25 How many lockups daily are you seeing out there?
6:15 How many lockups did the bailiffs perform pre-COVID?
6:45 What are you seeing out there in terms of the 50% rent subsidy for commercial renters?
8:05 What’s the game commercial landlords and tenants are playing?
8:40 What are the post-COVID commercial trends out there?
9:45 Are most of the lock-ups you are seeing based on retail, office or industrial?
9:55 Goodlife has stopped paying their rent!
10:25 What type of tenants are likely not going to make it?
11:32 What is the future of large shopping malls?
12:25 How do you get a list of liquidated or foreclosed properties?
13:55 What’s the process for a consumer having issues?
14:35 What is the difference between “Power of Sale” and foreclosure?
15:05 What kind of deal can you get on a foreclosure?
16:50 When does the lender decide to foreclose?
17:55 Can you clarify how a restaurant owner might lose their liquor license?
18:55 What is the process that you use to evaluate someone in trouble?
20:40 Can you restructure the details of the proposal due to COVID?
21:55 Does an individual have the right to “buy-back” their house?
23:40 When is the time to get the very BEST deal?
24:15 What are you seeing in terms of small, multi-family properties?
24:30 What are you seeing for personal investors?

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