How to buy a home through joint-ownership?

Are you interested in buying a home with your sibling, parent or a friend? With another person, you might be able to afford your first home or buy your first investment property.

Join Lawrence Mak and Erick Mayen as we discuss what’s involved with owning with another person and the various pros and cons.

0:45 What are examples of a joint ownership?
1:00 What do you need to qualify for a joint ownership?
1:30 How is the joint ownership structured?
2:40 Why is a trust an important issue?
3:05 What is the problem with the exit strategy?
4:00 What happens if one of your partners leave?
4:50 What are the maximum number of people you can jointly own?
5:30 Does it make more sense to incorporate with the partners?
6:30 What do you think about joint ownership?

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If you have any questions about joint-ownership or real estate, please call or text Lawrence at (416) 276-4895.

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