Advantages of “joint-tenancy” vs “tenancy in common”?

Do you know the main advantages between buying real estate using “Joint tenancy” versus”Tenancy in Common”?

Join Lawrence Mak and Brian Madigan as we discuss the advantages of each and how to best structure your real estate purchase.

0:04 Introduction
• Lawrence Mak, Real Estate Broker
• Brian Madigan, Broker and Real Estate Expert Witness
0:19 What is “tenancy in common”? Can you split the shares 90% / 10%?
0:43 What happens when a title-holder passes during “tenancy in common”?
1:00 Which is the default position by the courts if nothing is declared?
1:20 How is this different than “joint tenancy” and what is a “Poor Man’s Will”?
1:30 What happens when a title-holder passes during “joint tenancy”?
1:45 What are the requirements for “joint tenancy”?
2:30 What are the main advantages of “joint tenancy”?
3:35 How could you structure a “joint tenancy” when the title-holders aren’t spouses?