Welcome Agents!

Hi Super Agent!

I’m Lawrence Mak and I’m very excited that you have found this page.

My goal is to raise the bar for the real estate industry, help a lot of realtors along the way and hopefully make some win-win situations happen! 🙂

I hope you’ll find this section helpful and I”m always happy to have a coffee or chat.

Here are some links that I hope you will find helpful:

Facebook Groups
I heavily moderate all of my groups because I don’t like spam or a dump of listings
Real Estate Rookies – The largest FB group for Ontario, Real Estate Rookies
Commercial Real Estate Agent Network (Toronto) – Only exclusive Commercial Listings – No MLS!
The Full House – Poker Playing Realtors! – Every month, a different realtor hosts a friendly game of Texas Hold’em
Real Estate Stars – Private Facebook group for my seasonal masterminds

Platinum Mastermind – April 16, 2020
Platinum Mastermind – April 9, 2020

Listing Presentation Mastermind – January 2, 2020
Rookies Mastermind – September 25, 2019
Platinum Group Mastermind – Summer 2019
Rookies Mastermind – July 24, 2019
Intermediate Video Mastermind – April 24, 2019
Platinum Group Mastermind – Fall 2018
Platinum One-Day Mastermind #2 – July 19, 2018
Platinum One-Day Mastermind #1 – July 12, 2018


Quick Pages

I highly recommend using Quick Pages for both lead conversion as well as for landing pages for different initiatives.

If you want to learn more, just click here:

IXACT Contact

This is the first CRM that I used when I started out.  Also note that I own a website design and hosting company and can make my own CRM and website, but it doesn’t make sense when you can just outsource it to get up and running.

The best part of the Ixact Contact is they give you a FREE website, which is a great all-in-one-package!

Also, if you can prove that you are a rookie, you can get an additional 6 months of free service.

If you are a veteran, then this code will give you 60 days free.

Sign-up Code: EXTEND60

Also if you’re with RE/MAX, I think there’s an additional discount.

Agent Locator
Another great CRM which I also use.  This one also has a website but is more expensive than IXACT.

If you want a free month of service and a STEEP discount on your setup fee, you can check out this link:

Sign-Up Here

Rank My Agent

The advantage with this service is that it is only one of two platforms that links with www.Realtor.ca and www.Remax.ca.

So if you like the idea that someone is surfing those websites and can actually see your reviews, then you should try it out.  Here are my example profiles on each platform:


If you would like a discount, you can use this code: Realestatepros15 for 15% off annually.

And if you’re with RE/MAX, then send me a message for an even larger discount!

Virtual Assistants

I’m a firm believer in virtual assistants and out-sourced work.

This is the main one I recommend for part-time and full-time, oversea contractors: 

Online Jobs

If you register with that link, then send me a PM and let me tell you about my interview process.

Alternatively, if you can have a set deliverable or project, another good geo out-sourcing platform that I use is upwork.com or odesk.com.  There are some good methods there to find contractors as well.


I use Covideo instead of Bomb Bomb for my video messaging. To be fair, I do have it at a cheaper rate and so that was part of the equation.  They have video drip-campaigns, hot-spot tracking and a custom landing page (RE/MAX) that I find helpful.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used Bomb Bomb that extensively so I can’t really compare them very well.