An Important Exercise Tip in the New Year!

With the recently announced gym closures, your New Year’s Resolutions may include exercising at home.

Be careful!

Interior doors and casements are NOT designed to deal with exercise equipment with strong elastic resistance!

For example, interior doors are fastened to the door jamb with swing hinges using ¾” – 1″ screws. They use short screws because the door is very light.

A typical builder-quality door has a hollowed out core with a rib support in the centre made out of cardboard, and a solid piece of 1 ½” x 1 ½” wood at the door edges to fasten hinges and door strikes to.

Lastly, the trim around the door are also usually made out of pine or MDF and are typically no more than ½” thick at the thickest edge. These are installed with a nail gun with very thin nails only a couple of inches long.

The best practice is fasten the equipment to a stud in the wall and NOT to the cosmetic frames around doors and definitely not to the doors themselves.

I wish you and your family an amazing New Year!
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