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October 2020 – Toronto Real Estate Report

With an average price of $968,318 across the GTA, there was an increase of +13.6% compared to last year.
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Buying a house in Canada from the USA?

How do you apply for a mortgage when moving to Canada from the USA?
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What are your mortgage options when you are retired?

If you don't have an income, what are the options out there?
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Is it smart to time the market?

Savvy buyers and sellers always try to "time the market", but what is the reality like?
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What’s in the New Landlord Tenant Bill 184?

There are 3 main points I’d like to go through that would affect landlords and tenants.
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8 Non-standard ways to buy your first home

Learn about “How to correct the non-standard options for the first time home buyers”.
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How to break into your home in 10 minutes?

A simple way to break into your home in 10 minutes.
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