Buying a house in Canada from the USA?

How do you apply for a mortgage when moving to Canada from the USA?

This nuances for what applies is a very complex topic!

  • If you’re a Canadian in the US, what do you need when moving back to Canada?
  • Does it matter if your income is going to be in the US or in Canada?
  • What about your credit score in both countries?
  • What if you are a US citizen moving to Canada?
  • What about the non-resident speculative tax?
  • What other programs are available?
  • How are properties owned outside of Canada valued?
  • What about other lenders, such as B-lenders or C-lenders? What exceptions are there if there is a Canadian spouse involved?
  • What if you are retired and returning to Canada?
  • What are the two options available? What if you are an international resident returning to Canada?

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