How to Get the Most from Multiple Offers

The average house in the GTA sold for almost $1,100,000, so the demand is still going strong.

Many think, “you just put the house up and it will sell”. This is true – it will eventually sell.  But did you leave money on the table?

This week, we successfully sold a home in Vaughan.  I’m happy to say we got 76 showings, 5 offers and almost +$200,000 over the listing price.

To sell for the most in a multiple offer situation, you need 3 things:

1) A Good Product

Buyers only fight over each other for a good house.  They have to love it.  Unlike commercial investments where only the numbers matter, homes are an emotional purchase.  When emotions run high, so does the price.

This means, consultation on how to prepare the house properly, professional staging and photography. All of these elements are done before the house even hits the market.

2) Good Marketing

The next step is brinigng in buyers.  Sure, any agent can just hang a sign and put it up on the MLS.  That’s the minimum your agent should do.

Online marketing helps and so does pricing the home correctly.  And don’t discount the relationship the agent has with other agents!  I’m connected with thousands of agents and I pride myself in getting testimonials from other buyer agents that I’m super-easy to work with.

3) Negotiation

Lastly, everything is negotiable.  Closing date, conditions and of course, price.

The way to get the highest price, is you need at least two buyers close to each other.  That only happens if you have a good product and good marketing.

Sure, you could bluff.  But you’re in a much stronger position to get more money when you can legitimately accept a “backup offer.”

Of course, having been on both sides of the table, there are different tactics we can use when we’re buying.

So check out the website for yourself and ask yourself, “if I was a buyer, is this one of my top 5 houses I’m going to see this weekend?”

Remember: More buyers = More money.

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