Real Estate Investing for Professionals

Real Estate Investing for Professionals
Join Lawrence Mak, Chris Molder and Kha Dang as we discuss the different options available that professionals have while investing into real estate.

This webinar is ideal for professional families who make more than $150k / year who want real estate as part of their long-term portfolio.

Remember: Tax-mitigation is an IMPORTANT part of the equation!

Topics that we cover today:

1) Should you invest at all?
2) Investing in residential resale
3) Investing in pre-construction
4) Investing with a corporation

Chris Molder, from Tridac Mortgage, will go through the different scenarios in terms of qualifications when personally applying for a mortgage or through a corporation.

Kha Dang, from Dang & Associates CPA, will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation as well as different tax scenarios and considerations you must think about, such as HST, capital gains and other taxes.

As always, this information is very general and is considered educational in nature. Your situation is unique, so it’s best to get a qualified, professional to see what makes sense for you and your family.

If you have any questions, please contact the respective expert so that you can maximize your investments money.

Lawrence Mak
Real Estate Broker
EXP Realty, Brokerage
(416) 276-4895

Chris Molder
Principal Broker
Tridac Mortgage
(416) 461-0204

Kha Dang
Chartered Accountant
Dang & Associates CPA
(905) 232-0722

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