Spring is Just Around the Corner!

We are entering the Spring Market and this week, the real estate market has been pretty strong. But there are pockets where houses tried for multiple offers and failed.

Whether it’s because they were expecting a TOTALLY crazy price or nobody showed up on offer day, who knows?

Now the question is: what will the seller do? My feeling is some will re-list at a higher price, while others who “tried and failed”, will just take their house off the market and move on with their lives.

Judging by the number of people contacting me, there will be a lot more inventory over the next month, so if you’re looking to buy, have a little patience. 

Toronto is going crazy with real estate prices, but actually, this is a World-wide phenomenon. From Florida to Massachusetts, and Brazil to China, there are so many factors at play.

Whether people are taking money out of the markets, the interest rates are super-attractive or we are on the cusp of hyper-inflation, everyone is buying up REAL assets:
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