How to break into your home in 10 minutes?

How to break into your home in less than 10 minutes?
(And ways to prevent it!)

Watch the YouTube video below.

Join Lawrence Mak as we talk about how an electronic lockbox increases security over a manual lockbox when selling a house.

Lawrence Mak, Real Estate Broker, EXP Realty.
0:33 There are 2 types of lockboxes – electronic and manual
0:47 This is a manual lock-box with a 4-digit code
0:59 There are exactly 210 x 4-digit combinations!
1:05 This lockbox can be cracked in less than 10 minutes!
1:11 Manual lockboxes are incredibly insecure
1:27 An electronic lock-box has a 10-digit code
1:33 Automatically prevents code re-use after the time-period
1:40 For security: a log of key access times and dates are saved
1:45 Lastly, the code is only valid for certain times or days
1:53 Therefore, insist on an electronic lockbox for your home!
2:00 Questions about electronic lock-boxes?
2:05 Call me (416) 276-4895

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