Crazy Summer Market

Last month, I wrote about how the rental market goes crazy EVERY YEAR during the Summertime.
 (Read the blog Why you need to rent a place soon!

You may be thinking, sure, it only happened for the past 10 years, but will it happen again this year?
 We won’t know for sure until the stats come out in September.

All I can say is in the past week:
I’ve had 80 sets of tenants contact me
I’ve seen as many as 8 offers on a rental
I’ve seen a few rejections that weren’t even money-related!

Landlords are picky because they can be right now. 

The #1 thing you can do is hire a realtor. It costs you nothing and they will protect your interests.
(Sorry, chances are it won’t be me.  I only work with one tenant at a time so that they don’t compete for the same properties and there’s a waiting list)

The #2 thing you can do is verse yourself with the Residential Tenancies Act (R.T.A.) to make sure a Landlord doesn’t take advantage of you.

It’s a Landlord’s market out there. This means they can ask you to sign things that are illegal. (Watch my video below!) Anyway, if you aren’t in a rush, mid-September is an excellent time to start looking for rentals again. 

Video: 10 Illegal Things Landlords Make You Sign

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