Top 10 Condo Builders in Toronto

One of the risks with investing in pre-construction buildings is that the project might cancel for whatever reason.

In a previous blog, I talked about how some developers may be playing games with contractual loopholes.

(I don’t make any statements about the developer below, but you can read about the case to make your own judgements)

Condo Developer Extorts Buyers for $100k?

Investing with a reputable builder will always help with this risk, as they have a brand-name to protect if they want to sell future buildings.

Here is a list of the top 10 Toronto builders in the past decade by the number of storeys.

List of Top 10 Toronto Builders

I’m sure there are a lot of personal opinions out there about each builder’s quality of work or adherence to timelines etc.

But I don’t think anyone can question the number of condos they have built!

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